The Therapeutic Benefits of Aromatherapy

Until the late 1970’s the term ‘aromatherapy’ was little known outside of France. The term linking aroma or smell with healing is believed to have been first coined by a French chemist working in perfumery in the 1920’s – René Gattefossé . However, the use of aromatic plants for therapeutic effect is as old as the use of plants in general medicines – so there has probably never been a time without ‘aroma – therapy.’

Aromatherapy is the art of choosing, blending and applying essential oils to heal conditions of disharmony and imbalance in an individual.

Typically, medical science measures symptoms to determine disease. This approach does not necessarily consider that a person may be unwell yet have no symptoms to measure.

Holistic medicine takes a more comprehensive view of the client and recognises that the mind, body and spirit are all parts of the living being.

The effects of Aromatherapy rest on the communication between the plant, their extracts and the person receiving the treatment – both of which are complex and dynamic entities.

The therapeutic relationship between client and practitioner is also important. A therapist will discuss your physical, mental and emotional wellbeing with you and will work to create a blend specifically tailored to your needs.

Ultimately the power of your treatment is in your hands. The oils and massage are simply a catalyst for a positive outcome. They help to empower you in your healing journey.

In the past I have worked with palliative care patients and have seen first-hand the benefits of essential oils, not only in massage but simply for calming an anxious mind.

I have also used essential oils in my own healing journey with Grave’s disease (an autoimmune thyroid disease). I welcome the opportunity to share my knowledge and work with clients who also want to feel empowered in achieving good health and a calmer state of mind.


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Source: Aromatherapy: A practical approach – Vicki Pitman



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The 5 Things Burlesque Taught Me

I have tried to be incredibly brave this year. I have done my best to be truly open to new experiences and I have enjoyed every minute.

A lightbulb went on at some point and where I used to be so bothered what people thought of my actions, I don’t so much any longer. I have embraced new adventures as well as long held passions and dreams. It’s been fabulous and I encourage all to do the same if so inclined.

One of my ambitions was to perform (with confidence) in front of an audience. I have always been so shy and I never thought I would be able to do it. . . but I did.

I won some Burlesque dance lessons in a raffle and I thought perhaps something was pushing me in a direction I had not been before. So, I decided to say “yes” instead of “Erm, I’m not really sure it’s my thing” as I usually do. You can only try these things.

As soon as I mentioned it to people they were all shocked. “That is sooo not you!” they all exclaimed. This all made me more determined.

I took the lessons. I was scared but they were a great group of girls and I enjoyed myself. It brought out a side to me I had never allowed before and I felt able to express myself. The other members had been taking part for a while and all seemed to be so comfortable in their dancing, that really helped.

The teacher is amazing too. She has a real passion and energy for what she does which helped to grow my confidence. She always tries to do what is best for the group and more importantly she wants her students to feel good about themselves and bring out their inner dancers. The message is “If you all feel good you look good.” That kind of advice is so neccesary when you are lacking in confidence.

Some of us were asked to take part in a charity event that was planned. Was I ready? Would I ever be ready? With some encouragement, I went ahead

I’m not the most out there girl in the world – in fact I’m quite reserved and shy but something just told me to say ‘yes’. To take another brave step to expand my horizons, this was part of the new fearless, brave new world I had entered.

I loved every moment. I felt nervous and I was scared stupid but with the kind words and support from the others it all went well. We supported one another before and after. I felt truly proud of myself. Being able to finally put my inner dancer out there was liberating and I learned I wasn’t so shy after all.

Being part of a collective group of women aiming for the same goal, all with fears and inhibitions of our own felt incredible too. A connection to other women was not something I had ever experienced before.

I find women don’t come together very often. We tend to judge and compete with one another and it’s not good for us. It felt wonderful to be part of something different, a supportive and celebratory environment, one that brought about our unique talents and courage.

So, what were the lessons?

  •  Always do what you love and enjoy every moment. Don’t spend your whole life trying not to be seen and hide in the corner. Whatever your passion, if it enables you to free your mind and feed your soul it must be good for you.


  •  Try something new even if you’re scared. It might be the best thing you ever did. And really, what have you got to lose? We are all scared of something deep down, set yourself free.


  •  It doesn’t matter who you are, what you look like, where you’re from – it’s how you feel that matters. If it feels right, deep down right – do it. Trust your gut, your instincts and get out there.


  •  Women can be so powerful together when they truly have the same goal. The feeling of being part of a team of women really working together was one of the most amazing gifts I have ever received.


  •  All women are beautiful – no matter what we think when we look in the mirror. Keep believing this and in yourself just and enjoy being you. That is truly what makes you shine from the inside.




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Autumn Equinox

The time is upon us again. I feel the Summer slowing somewhat and Autumn returning.

As always the Circles bring me to the cycle of life and the rhythms of nature.

As I considered this blend I could smell it as I was researching and felt Autumn looking over my shoulder.

The theme for the blend as you probably gathered is The Autumn Equinox.

As Autumn begins we begin to slow down and turn inward. It’s a season to harvest what we planted and prepare for the cold winter. In this month’s, Circle, we celebrate this by focusing on finding balance, using introspection as a tool and remaining rooted in gratitude through the process.


Fortifying and strengthening – cedarwood can be used for nervous debility and poor concentration.

It gives us the will to ‘hold firm’ even against persistent external forces.

Cedarwood can restore a sense of spiritual certainty as it bolsters the power of will.

It’s deeply woody scent is one that helps us to take a negative experience and transform it into one which we can derive strength and wisdom.



Often used for colds and chills and as a digestive stimulant, ginger is warming and invigorating.

Traditionally associated with the astrological planet Mars – it is a symbol of force and vitality – it stimulates and restores determination

A good oil for those who have clear goals and intentions but lack the optimism and drive to act.



Orange is a traditional Chinese symbol of good luck and prosperity.

This oil helps to ease tension and frustration and its aroma conveys joy and positivity.

It helps us to take a relaxed approach and encourages adaptability and a more positive attitude.


Sources: Aromatherapy for Healing the Spirit – Gabriel Mojay


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Invoking Aphrodite

The time of the Full Moon Circle is upon me again and so time to conjure another blend. The theme for this Circle is invoking Aphrodite – connecting to our pleasures, learning to self love and dedicate to our truth.

Aphrodite is the Greek goddess of love, beauty, pleasure, and procreation. She is identified with the planet Venus; her Roman Goddess equivalent.

Known for being mischievous, flirty, beautiful, and very good at seduction, Aphrodite is known to have flings with other Gods, and mortals.

As she tapped in to her pleasure, these oils are intended to ignite and indulge yours. All three embody feminine energy and have been historically used in perfumery.



This oil’s effect on the Spirit is one of inner stillness and peace, of an awareness freed from the restless and mundane and embodies the soothing power of solitude.

It unites the spirit with the physical, building a bridge between Heaven and Earth. Also, strengthening the link between our crown and base chakras – allowing the dreams and visions of the Soul to find a channel for expression and tap the force they need for magical emergence.



Conveying a sense of both movement and containment, this oil encourages free flowing adaptability and a feeling of security. It centres and comforts the Heart and Mind whilst clearing oppression.

Palmarosa is suited to people who suffer from nervousness and insecurity but who in addition cannot abide change.



Rose was called ‘the Queen of flowers’ by the Greek poet Sappho. The sweetness of its aroma, together with its therapeutic benefits ensured a special place in the medicine and perfumery of the Ancient Greek civilisation.

Its traditional classification as ‘The herb of Love’ and sacred to Aphrodite, the floral sensuality of rose oil has made it a renowned aphrodisiac.

The compassion of the flower is revealed as Rose oil brings a sweet gentle comfort bringing warmth to a Soul and touching the deepest despair restoring the capacity to love again.

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Aromatherapy for Healing the Spirit by Gabriel Mojay

Entering a New Level in My Spiritual and Scholarly Quest

So it has begun, the beginning of my quest for a better life. Abundance, health, peace, calm and removing myself from the rat race.

Over the summer I began looking into all the books I had accumulated over the years, all the articles I had collected and never looked at or done anything about. I had a month to try to save my life. Thats really how I looked at it. It couldnt go on, all this stress, ill-health and fitting in with others, it was making me ill and I’d had enough.

Where to begin? I actually sat down and made myself the project. The job was to heal me from the inside out and not just physically. It had to be time to accept myself, love myself  as I was and not as others saw me. The geek, the introvert, the hippie. Just me.

For years I had been ‘Little Miss Fixit’. Making sure others were all ok before I was. I shut them all out, I walked, slept, meditated, researched, cooked some nourishing foods. I treated myself to things I had been wishing for and it felt great, I let go. People did not like it though and some of them have gone by the wayside, with love, on my part.

I started to hear myself for the first time in a long time, and this time I listened. I began to take  opportunities I had feared in the past. some good, some bad. At last I began to feel free, and then I saw an advert for a writing apprenticeship, not something I had thought of, but could I do it? I applied, and I got in. The whole time I was waiting for the acceptance I was thinking, maybe I won’t be accepted, maybe I’m not good enough. Turns out I am. Who knew!!

I am so excited. When I was at school I dreaded the beginning of a new term, this time my books are ready and I’m thrilled to be studying and learning. Its my time now, this is me and my new life.

The Road Ahead

So brand new to blogging. I have looked at starting a blog over and over. The only thing stopping me . . . fear. My old friend.

What will people think? Will people like it? Etc, etc. So I got up this morning not expecting to start this today but after some encouragement from my Reiki and massage therapist decided today was actually the day, So please bear with me.

I was diagnosed with Grave’s disease in December of last year. It began with physical symptoms. Raised heart rate, sweats, weight loss but I managed all that quite well and continued to work. By April the mental symptoms were very apparent, I was irrational, paranoid, aggressive and my marriage as you could expect was not doing too well. My Mother-in- Law noticed all of my symptoms on a visit to her in Spain and became quite concerned. So at the end of our holiday there I found myself laying in bed, crying and looking at websites for Grave’s disease warriors as I like to call them.

I thought my life was pretty much done. The changes I had to make were quite radical and from what I read the support from Doctors was terrible. I’m 41 and it all seemed quite depressing. It was bad but it was a lightbulb moment for all of us, finally we saw what had been happening to me was caused by Grave’s and not that I had suddenly changed into this awful person.  It was a beautiful sunny day, so despite my anguish. I got up, made some breakfast and went out walking with my Husband.

The work started as soon as I got home. Dietary changes, moderate exercise, stress free living was what I needed. Some of the changes were easier than others. Stress quickly crept in and I found myself off work for a month with stress related sickness. It was possibly the best thing that could have happened to me. I used it as month to change my life. Looked into new possibilities and began to look at what I wanted and not what other thought best for me, and I’m continuing to do so.

So to the blog. A new beginning. It’s just time, time I had an outlet for my life and time     to get brave and move into that new world of mine. It won’t be perfect, nor would I want it to be. I just hope it helps. . . me and others to forge forward into their new world too. Happiness awaits us.


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